in awe

in awe

Broken Arrow 


“We’ll need more scotch for that, I think,” Jack said a bit indistinctly, raising his eyebrows  though his eyes were closed. David chuckled, shrugging one shoulder again, his movements going a bit slower as he became more and more tired.

“More importantly we need to figure out tomorrow. I mean…” The prince paused, listening to the rain against the window. “They’re looking for me. Not because they’re concerned, but because I am a very high-priced item to be lost in unstable territory that belongs to Gath and Gilboa seemingly at the same time. So…I need to be mugged rather than having a secret rendezvous with the notorious David Shepherd.”

    David nodded, eyes closed, head sagging forwards.

“That shouldn’t be a problem. You can leave me your wallet and a few extra bucks for gas, huh?” He laughed a little, chuckling in the back of his throat. “Gas money. Bet you never had to worry about that before.”

    Jack smiled, letting himself slip down a bit further on the floor so that David had to take all his weight against his side. He felt cold and warm at the same time, there was something nervous and jumpy in the pit of his stomach, but he also felt drowsy and comfortable. He closed his eyes as well; there was nothing he was looking at besides the way the lamp light outlined the back of the other man’s head in gold.

    “No…I mean, at the front I had to worry about vehicles running out of fuel, but there was never a day in my life that I ever…” He opened his eyes, staring. “Well, that I ever asked for anything. The things I wanted, I got. And the things I really needed to ask for…well, I guess I didn’t know how to ask, so I just didn’t.”

    David was slowly fading. He looked over his shoulder at the door and nodded to himself, noting the latch across the door. Good. Safe. Sort of safe? Safe. He said a quick prayer without realizing he had done it and glanced over at Jack, looking at their legs next to each other. Ask and you shall receive.

    “Are you asking for anything now?” he muttered sleepily. Jack shook his head, cheek brushing against David’s shoulder. He didn’t pull back, and after a moment his head was resting against David as well.

    “Who would I ask?” he murmured, voice quiet and unaccusing. “Anything I want I have to get for myself. I want to get out of my room. I want my father to let me be myself. I want a chance to do something good.” Trite things, all of them, but they were real. He’d never thought to ask to fall asleep with David Shepherd, but here it was. The prince’s eyes were closed again. “What are you asking for, David?”

     David was literally nodding off, raising his head for a few seconds before it fell down again, his chin almost to his chest. He shrugged again and swallowed, his eyes closing. Even with Jack next to him - perhaps because Jack was next to him, lying side by side together like they were back in some ditch.

    “I want to stay safe.”

    “Then I’ll keep you safe,” Jack said, more asleep than awake. He would never remember saying it in the morning, or would argue he’d been trying to use his habitual (when had he started having habits with David) ‘be safe’ farewell. But his body was sleep-heavy against the soldier’s, face placid under the yellow lights.

    “I want to do good too. Like you want. We want that?” He was almost silent at this point, nearly unresponsive. David blinked a few times and swallowed again, looking up at the window and seeing that the sky had cleared and a few bright stars shone through the cracks in the moth-eaten curtains. He had a vague thought that he should possibly move onto the bed but he realized that he was warm and didn’t want to move at all. He swallowed and blinked, fighting to stay awake as he glanced at Jack, looking down at his face and trying to determine if the other man was asleep. Jack heard David, but he couldn’t answer him. It seemed an effort to raise his head, to open his eyes, to form real words.

Of course. We want that. You and me. Aloud, the prince made a soft sound, but otherwise didn’t react to David’s question. His breathing had lengthened already and there really wasn’t a reason to fight falling asleep. This was safe. A place they wouldn’t be found, a place no one was watching him. He could sleep, truly sleep, even though the floor was hard and the air in the room was chill and slightly damp. 

It seemed like there was a blanket in the air, covering them both comfortably. David didn’t want to move, feeling Jack lying next to him. He was inhaling deeply, his eyelids fluttering down as his breathing synched up with the prince. Glancing up again through the window it seemed there were a few brighter stars, polished by the rain. Frowning, ignoring the slight itch at the back of his neck David nodded again, sending up one final, unconscious prayer before he fell asleep next to Jack.


If anyone in Port Prosperity had looked outside, they would have seen a small, dark halo around the moon above them. The rain had cleared as the two drunk and tired men fell asleep together in a dingy hotel room. The watery moonlight crept in through the space between the curtains, marking the hours on the unused beds while the sounds of an unwatched television were dimly audible through the walls. No one knew they were there and no one cared.